What if design is a story...

then let me tell

you one

Three Broads

Three Borads is a hair salon for the chic and fancy

Logo, identity, and collateral


BOB is a website that by entering ingredients at hand provides you with an easy recipe. By regularly entering the contents of your refrigerator BOB will give a recipe for the day, print grocery lists, and give coupons for regularly used items.

Logo, website, advertising


A teeth whitening company lets you compare the shade of your teeth and recoments different whitening products based on your shade

interactive application, html email


Taking a different approach in advertising for a teeth whitening in order to bring a smile to the viewrs eyes


Virtual Projections

Virtual Projections specialize in instoling security camera for your home or business. The systems are succesfuly used in many hotels, restaurants and privet propreties. Also VP provides a number of computer repair services

Logo, html emails

Office Up-lift

With tape I created extra debth to the boring walls at an office

Interior Deocr


A website specificly devolted to helping kids, and not only, to learn and understand math

Logo, website, and collateral

No more yellow

Teeth whitening ads


Red Clay

Urban clothing company

Logo, identity, collateral, and website


And I do a lot of drawing in my spare time

Ink, paper

bit about me

PASSIONATE AND DETERMINED WINDCHASER. INTERESTED AND FASCINATED by human behavior and unconventional beauty. Currently designing and developing pretty things for eight hours a day.